Hi this is Donnaree Miller,

Founder of Hamptons Holistic Health. I am a Certified Boxing Trainer @Boxnburn Academy and an Integrative Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach @IIN  The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. When I moved to the States in 2004, from Kingston Jamaica, my diet and lifestyle changed drastically. Food mainly was a big change for me, because I had been eating and growing our own earthy and organic foods my whole life. Being in a new country with no guidance, I felt lost and confused. I knew I had to start researching to self-educate on the different foods, especially the vegetables and grains. During this time I developed stomach sensitivities to dairy, and more. After many tests and doctor’s visits, I thought it was time to look a little deeper. I found a Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist in NYC, and that’s when everything changed for me.

It’s been eighteen years, and I am feeling amazing every day, and still able to eat most of what I wasn’t able to eat back then. We all have one body and one life. If we take care of it the right way, then we will have a long lasting and fulfilling life.


Donnaree Miller
Hamptons Holistic Health Coach

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