Mission Statement
Nourishing from Within with a Holistic Approach.

I Coach people in Nutrition, Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health, by using an Integrative Holistic approach. I work with clients to have a great relationship with food, create movement in their daily life, and help them understand how important is to have self love and care. I do understand that all my clients are Bio-individual and are unique. As a Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach, I want you to know that this is a safe space for all who are ready to take action in making their Health a Priority and will not feel and be judged. Everything you share with Hamptons Holistic Health is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of this practice.

The Six Month program is one-on-one session online via zoom or in person. We meet every two weeks for one hour per Coaching session and I will be available by email in between sessions.

The Three Month Program is Six one-on-one sessions. We meet Every two weeks for One hour Coaching session and I will be available by email in between sessions.

We will meet via zoom or in person at a quiet place of your choice. The session is 45 minutes to an Hour long without any distractions of Cell phone, alarms, etc. The session could also take place anywhere like a coffee shop, at a park, or other location.

Group Coaching:
Before each Coaching session, I like to start with a Grounding exercise, just to center ourselves and being in the present moment to get your heart rate down and help you to focus your attention on the Here and Now. After our Grounding exercise we would start our Coaching Session in a calm and quiet state.

This is a Twelve week Coaching Program that takes place each week for 1.5hrs Per session. We have a topic each week and at the end of our session you are given an exercise that is bio individual.

Each client is allowed ten minutes after each session that allows them to speak about their goals and accomplishment so far, learn from each other, make substantial changes that will help you live a healthy fulfilling lifestyle, and set new goals for the coming weeks. This group is also an Accountability group, and is an incredible community to learn, grow, and support one another.

If the client needs help with switching out unhealthy foods for healthier choices in their pantry, I will be able to assist with that at an additional charge. I also share tips and tricks on how to get your toddler or picky eaters to eat their meals.

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